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Shop Update!

The_Fallen_0ne Site-AdminOwner$Beta posted Aug 8, 16

Well its here people. Something that I'm sure alot of you have wanted or wished for. We have added a point system to the shop! Thats right with this you can earn points and buy things in the shop with these points.

How do you get them?

Points will be giving to you for -

•  Winning events

• Being ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on the monthly voting rank

• Winning Forum Games

• and more

As we are opening this part of the shop we would like to thank you all for all the love you have shown us and staying with us even with all the problems we have been getting by giving everyone for today only 25 points free.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to message us or make a post. 

- The_Fallen_0ne

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Updates 01/08/2016

ThatBritishGuy_ Site-AdminOwner posted Aug 1, 16

Hello! We have updated our servers to the latest builds and bungee updated! Crashes should now stop!

So. We have added a new plugin for trading.

A user-friendly, fun, fair, and incredible way to conduct trades. A simple Inventory GUI that helps players visualize what items they want to trade without fear of being cheated. Easily see what the other player wants to trade and agree to a simultaneous trade. Second thoughts at the last seconds? No problem, simply cancel the trade in the "Second Thoughts" countdown. Both players involved in the trade will receive their items at the exact same time with no problems.

Get within 15 blocks of a player and request a trade. If the player accepts, an Inventory GUI will open. Place the items you want to trade in your section and have the other player place theirs. Once ready, click the green wool to indicate you are ready. Once the both players have done so, a 5 second countdown will begin where no players can change the traded items. If you have second thoughts, cancel the trade by clicking the red wool. If you both like the selection of items, leave the inventory alone until the countdown is over. Both players will receive their traded items at the exact same time. Trading has never been more fair, safe, or easy.

Please trade responsibly

* /Trade (PlayerName) - Requests a trade with the designated player
* /Trade Accept - Accepts the current trade request
* /Trade Decline - Declines the current trade request